GenderMojo is a platform for learning and growth. We concentrate our efforts on curating the community. As an initiative, we are created and primarily led by transgender and intersex people. We are here from, by and for our community.

As a platform we offer:

  • Curation: we support the development of transgender communities through leadership coaching & training, mission model design, managerial support. We also provide on- and off-line workshops to increase the resilience of the transgender population in Europe.
  • Education: we work together with (business) schools to enhance the basis for an inclusive society through workshops,  talks and presentations.
  • Protection: when needed we step into action providing mediation and litigation services or the support thereof in a joint effort to protect the human rights of transgender and intersex people.
  • Acceleration: we in the process of setting up a European Mojo Fund to support transgender and intersex led initiatives in both the non-profit and for-profit sphere.
  • Transformation: we are a full scale Diversity and Inclusion Advisory working with our clients on cultural transformation, the creation and enhancement of employee resource groups, leadership development and coaching, guidance and support on designing inclusive policies (equity enhancement), etc. 20% of our gross margin is destined to fund our acceleration program. This way we support companies not only internally, but also making a real difference on the ground.